Effect Of Uncertainty

The belief in the ghosts which are unknown and are a source of interests is growing. In the past, there are times that the belief in paranormal activities has been on high terms. Many people have the interests and they are following the stories that come out about the activities. People want to know more and they can go to places so they can also have the experience. There are people who already have made it their tasks to hunt for these ghosts and record them.

The time came to a slowdown as the interests cooled down. But the pattern can rise again and the mainstream media would be flooded with stories and videos of the sightings, experiences or encounters and evidence through images captured by any individual. It is explained that the phenomena happen due to some certain events like a great disaster and economic problems. Because of the uncertainties in the mind of people, they would have the interests in the paranormal activities that are also uncertainties in some aspect.

Even if there are many records and images that are regarded as pieces of evidence that prove the existence of this ghosts but there are no conclusions or facts that could be established that would be helpful for the survival o humans on this world. Ghosts cannot say what is good to do or where to find treasure. They are just part of the world where the future could be so uncertain. The time may just come where sadness and tragedy will come.